Your specialist for overseas candidates

Finding swift solutions to skill shortages


Your specialist for overseas candidates

Finding swift solutions to skill shortages

We believe that sustainable business performance depends on finding swift solutions to skill shortages, while building a recruitment strategy for the long-run.

International recruitmenT

Looking for an additional permanent or temporary team member?

NZS Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of overseas permanent and temporary staff at executive, management, and operational levels

We tailor our services to your specific business needs and internal culture, and conduct extensive screening to ensure we source the right candidates (psychometric and language testing).

International Young Graduates & Interns

Looking to strengthen your workforce with high quality international graduates and interns?

We organise regular Recruitment tours to source candidates in top universities around Europe.

Typically multilingual, our candidates are come with relevant work experience and are major assets for companies looking to enter or develop markets locally or overseas.

Employer Branding

Plagued by low employee engagement, worried about your turnover or struggling to attract top talents?

Is your company a great place to work? Attract, engage and retain talented candidates and employees.

Our consulting team will guide you through a simple process to understand and define your company’s EVP (Employer Value Proposition - your set of unique employer offerings which are considered valuable to top talents), decide your positioning as an employer of choice and plan your communication.



Relocation services

Employing foreign professionals will bring great benefits to your company, but can involve a number of practical challenges.

We assist in all steps of the immigration process, handle pre-employment checks and travel arrangements.

Finding appropriate housing is key to ensure integration and a stress-free transition. NZS Recruitment provides customised assistance with relocation and home search, advising on the market, assisting on home viewing, move-in inspection and setting up utilities. 

NZS Recruitment offers local orientation tours, cultural, social and professional networking opportunities, assistance for school selection, language classes and spouse support.


About us

About us

NZ Services offers international recruitment services to companies in New Zealand.

A dedicated team of consultants with in-depth understanding of European and New Zealand job markets and cultures

Extensive experience in international sourcing and global employer branding for small businesses to large multinational corporations

Regular Recruitment tours in Europe to source candidates and develop Employer Branding

Relocation services: immigration, housing services, school selection and spouse support.